When was the last time you got so worked up over something that it seemed impossible to resolve? Or has an obstacle been standing in front of your path and proving too difficult, but then all of sudden it’s resolved with ease. I ask myself “Mountain or Molehill?” because sometimes we get wrapped up by our worries about what’s going on around us; however, this may not always be true when dealing with problems such as obstacles at work or home life. Have any times where these things happened recently

Yeah, me too. I had to leave the house for an event and could not find my car key- which is something that’s happened plenty of times before but this time seemed different than all others because as soon as it clicked in my head what might have gone wrong–I swore there were no keys on our key hook by door? Well then maybe they weren’t really ours anymore so we should go get new ones right now! And just like always when things start getting stressful or outta control – someone starts laying blame somewhere else instead of taking care of themselves first…including blaming themselves sometimes after already

My family saw the writing on my wall and began helping me look for my keys. By this time, I had convinced myself that I would be late because of all the things in life – like being warm or having someone nice pick you up when they know how much hate driving yourself around town…you get it..the longest story short was YES! At first glance, these two sentences don’t seem to have anything related but by reading more closely one can see their relationship: The initial statement My Family continued watching me then quickly changed tone from sad to excited as if there were news about where they were located.

It is a great reminder that when you are being irrational, STOP and take a deep breath. It will rush the much-needed oxygen to your brain so it can help think clearly again! It’s always difficult for me not only because I am trying to find MY keys but also drive another vehicle or retrace my steps; however this time around made everything seem like an entire mountain blocking out view–even though before there may have just been something small enough where nothing was obstructing anything at all (but now). So hopefully these words helped give some insight into what could happen next time either one of us feels caught up in an emotional situation without thinking things through properly first – then how easy breathing normally becomes afterward might be worth considering as well

Dr. Stephanie's commanding presence captivates audiences of all backgrounds and levels. Her dynamic delivery style transforms the way people think and feel. Her talks are powerful experiences, leaving her audience fully engaged and yearning for more. With her compelling life story, raw transparency, warm heart, and unwavering strength, Stephanie connects with listeners on a deep, emotional level. The warmth of Stephanie's smile is felt by all and penetrates the soul, embracing the listener with positivity and inspiration.

— G.M.B.


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