Courageous Enough

Many people are scared to be themselves in the face of adversity, but it’s important that we’re all brave enough for our dreams. It takes courage and strength when you feel like nothing can get through your pain or help fix what hurts deep down inside-but don’t let these feelings hold onto them any longer because they won’t serve anyone except maybe yourself! Think outside box; look at things from different perspectives so there is always light at end no matter how dark everything seems right now. 

 Start by acknowledging that there is something in the world that must be achieved, but only you can achieve it. Don’t mistake trauma for life-time imprisonment of pain; instead, view it as a pathway to your triumphant destiny. 

List the talents that distinguish you from others and write ways to employ them. EX: I am talented at moving a crowd with words of encouragement; I am talented at bringing peace to hectic circumstances; I am talented at cooking a meal that nourishes the soul and nurtures the body!

 Think about the last time you gave your all in an assignment, only to feel empty in the end. Now, rewrite the narrative to demonstrate balance. EX: Today, I chose to step away from a stressful situation and set boundaries with the people involved in it. I preserve self-care and do not allow others to dictate my decisions. I am victorious in solving problems—with my sanity intact!

When I feel under accomplished or simply not enough, the one thing that always gives me the motivation to keep going is when people say they’re proud of what I do. When someone tweets at night saying “You go girl!” it really does make a difference and motivates your energy levels!
Maybe you’re thinking: “Why would somebody care about my activities? What could possibly motivate them?” Well there might be more than one person but either way hearing those words from strangers out into cyberspace can provide some extra inspiration if needed – so take note next time life gets tough 😉

 Roleplay your dreams. It may sound silly, but channeling the inner youth is a liberating activity that will make you feel younger than ever before! Pull out those favorite journals and write as if these were true-life accomplishments for yourself now. Who do you want to meet? What celebrity would be visiting after hearing about an amazing feat achieved by yours truly on TV/Radio etc…? How can we celebrate together whenever such milestones happen in our lives

Lisa Nichols has been through a lot of adversity in her life. She found the strength to overcome it all by writing about what she went through and how others can find hope too! When Lisa was just 16 years old, her parents were murdered which left their 8 year old daughter orphans with no family support system whatsoever. Lisa Nichols was a single mom with two young children, struggling to make ends meet. She had been molested as a child and eventually became addicted to drugs in order for her not only survive but also suppress the pain from the memories that haunted her every waking moment. 

 She is one of the most influential women in present day society. She can be found speaking at conferences all over, writing books on self improvement and success habits for people who want to change their lives with her guidance as an author or coach-trained by Dr. Phil himself!

Exercise:  Write a letter to your past self about how you would have done things differently in order for today’s version of yourself. Exercise 2: Take out an old photo album and spend 10 minutes looking at photos from 5 years ago, what has changed? How do these changes make life more enjoyable or difficult than it used be back then if anything at all?? Your choice!
and 3 which one sounds the most fun right now?!

Dr. Stephanie's unwavering commitment to empowering others to achieve their full potential is truly inspiring. Her compassionate nature and genuine love for people shine through in every aspect of her personal and professional life. Her passion to make a difference in the world is evident in the way she interacts with others and the powerful messages she delivers.

— C.F.


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