EXPANDED Version "How My Part-Time Job Saved My Life....... (GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY )

An expanded version with updates and a JOURNAL, and much more... Being COURAGEOUS enough to tell your story is hard. As a result of unresolved trauma showing up at the worst moment of Stephanie’s life, threatening to wreck the sense of safety that she had grown accustomed to. She knew that it was time to take off the mask and face the fears and her past. As a part of her growth through her past pains, Stephanie shared her story in the 1st edition of the book, “How My Part-Time Job Saved My Life-A True Story Of Overcoming Abuse and Claiming a Victorious LIfe”. It’s a handbook for those who have experienced domestic violence or know someone who is currently experiencing it. and they are ready to be empowered, to cultivate ways to remove the shame and guilt, restoring their self-esteem. It’s a guidebook for those who want to help a friend, client, or family member. Stephanie shares truths that she admits are hard to share and even harder to believe that she survived. She takes you on the journey with her. You will feel the emotions through her words. She includes references and practical applications. Stephanie has learned through her impressive growth, that her commitment to lifting others, is healing and includes sharing her truth to help others to embrace the belief that abundance, success, love & freedom is their birthrights.

You Are Enough: Messages of Inspiration and Empowerment to Live Your Best Life (Get Your AUTOGRAPHED COPY)

In this book, you will be reminded that becoming the best version of yourself will require ongoing courage, tenacity, drive, ambition, determination and commitment. On your life’s journey, you will face challenges, obstacles, roadblocks and setbacks but your internal strength will equip you to bounce back from anything standing in the way of your destiny. You are enough to develop the mental toughness necessary to propel yourself forward and to soar beyond all limitations. Don’t forget to remind yourself of who you are and whose you are on a daily basis! As you immerse yourself into each of the personal messages contained in this book, it is my hope that you will recall to mind that you are destined for greatness and that you owe it to yourself to step out into the deep to explore what is possible for your life. You Are Enough will reignite a fire within you to use your unique fingerprint to create a life you’re in love with and to make a difference in the lives of others who will be inspired by your life journey.

Her Story Our Story Different Faces, Same Trauma (Visionary/Author)

Her Story Our Story-Different Faces, Same Trauma: Stories of Triumph; an empowering compilation of stories of 6 EXTRAordinary women. Each experienced extreme cases of adversity. They take us on the journey with them through their lessons, losses as they learned to lift as they climbed. You will find your story or hope to move towards your goals & dreams to create a legacy for you and your family and community.

Women Crushing Mediocrity (Co-Author)

One thing is for sure – every woman has a story of crushing mediocrity that deserves to be told! And Women Crushing Mediocrity is created to give you an exclusive opportunity to "hear" some of those personal stories of women who refuse to be held hostage to ordinary. I celebrate each of the co-authors who have stepped up to share their stories as a part of this transformative project because they acknowledge that their story is "about them but not for them." There is truly unparalleled power in sharing your story to bless someone else! Women Crushing Mediocrity is by women for women. As you immerse yourself into each of the stories, I hope it serves as a potent reminder that you are destined for greatness and that you owe it to yourself to step out into the deep to explore what else is possible for you. It is my hope that Women Crushing Mediocrity will reignite the fire within you to be AMAZING – which is your birthright – not just ordinary and to develop a commitment to crushing anything that stands in your way of creating a life that you're in love with.

I Am A Victor (Co-Author)

I Am A Victor is a powerful compilation of the authentic stories of men and women who chose to get back up. In this book, you will get an exclusive opportunity to “hear” the personal and powerful testimonies about their commitment to claiming victory over some of life’s most challenging obstacles. I Am A Victor will pull at your heartstrings and inspire you to claim your own personal power over every challenge you might face in order to become the greatest version of yourself. This powerful collection of stories demonstrates the bold, tenacious, and resilient spirit of men and women globally who refuse to throw in the towel even when the going gets tough.

Couregeous Enough to Launch

Courageous Enough to Launch (co-author)

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship requires massive COURAGE! After all, the entrepreneurial path is one that is often permeated with fears, risks, uncertainty, challenges, setbacks, and failures that make the path appear less than favorable when considering launching. The feelings of uncertainty and discomfort can be especially prevalent among aspiring women entrepreneurs who oftentimes doubt their abilities and over-think, over-analyze, or over-process the idea of just getting started. In fact, many never launch. Instead, they spend excessive amounts of time and energy questioning whether they’re qualified, good enough, or capable of successfully stepping into the role of President, Founder, Owner or CEO. Despite these normal emotions that often accompany the idea of entrepreneurship, there are dynamic women around the world who commit to taking their shot anyway and who launch their business ideas even in the face of uncertainty and “no guaranteed results.” The women who decide to “take the shot” understand that success, legacy, and impact always exist on the opposite side of our greatest fears and doubts. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (Wayne Gretzky) I am excited to present to you, COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO LAUNCH, an inspiring compilation of the stories of 47 dynamic women from around the world who faced their own fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs as they were thinking about launching their own businesses… BUT they did it anyway! Each co-author has penned her own entrepreneurial experience in her own unique voice and has shared “the good, the bad and the ugly” and how she pressed forward anyway. You will find each chapter to be a refreshing reminder that you too have what it takes to successfully launch (or grow) the vision you’ve been sitting on.

Stephanie Wall is a confident leader, motivating coach and a phenomenal presenter. She is an engaging speaker who uses honesty, humor, and hope to inspire everyone she comes in contact with. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

— L.M.

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Speaking Topics:

  • Breaking Barriers to Self-Esteem
  • The Power of Accountability/Mindset
  • Blue print to increased wealth
  • How to Motivate Leaders to LEAD post pandemic
  • How to Empower the Youth post pandemic
  • Changed Mind + Changed Actions = Changed Circumstances