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Soaring Transformations with SpeakerStephanie 

So, how does Stephanie take women from ordinary to opulent? She bulldozes through their mental blockages with compassion, practical strategies, and life-changing solutions. 

 SpeakerStephanie prioritizes women from every generation who have experienced relational trauma but desire to rebuild and rebrand their lives. We laser-focus on their needs through the Synergy Life Coaching division of Stephanie Speaks. Synergy Life Coaching teaches women how to define and clarify their endeavors by using the Do-Over Method.

 It’s no secret that healing is not an overnight process and trauma appears in many forms. So, the Do-Over Method starts with a renewed mindset, equips women on how to innovatively use their transferable skills to launch their own business, and takes a deep-dive into navigating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to SOAR!

You Deserve to WIN : It’s  Mindset

Stephanie has pioneered a scalable blueprint that enables women to explore paths that will shift their personal and professional trajectory. The blueprint comprises proven steps to heal, effective ways to execute goals without fear, and a customizable plan to help women immerse themselves into their life’s purpose! 

 Each signature service is designed to allow the participant to emerge from pain and propel to an oasis of opportunities. SpeakerStephanie will ignite you to Find a Better You (F.A.B. YOU) and experience the best version of yourself!

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I have seen Stephanie grab a room and hold the attention of people on so many different levels in the same room. Her way of delivering a message that shifts people is completely powerful to watch. Always leaving the room engaged and wanting more. Her life story, deep transparency, kind spirit and strong strengthen penetrates the listener. When Stephanie Speaks her smile pierces your soul and hugs you at the same time.

— G.M.B.

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Speaking Topics:

  • Breaking Barriers to Self-Esteem
  • The Power of Accountability/Mindset
  • Blue print to increased wealth
  • How to Motivate Leaders to LEAD post pandemic
  • How to Empower the Youth post pandemic
  • Changed Mind + Changed Actions = Changed Circumstances