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You don’t know me from a hill of beans but you’ve been there. You know that frustrating feeling when your self-esteem is low and nothing seems to make it better? That was me, just like the millions of other women who are also struggling for their lives every day in this world we live in together as one human family—many with less privilege than us (although they may never admit it). I used  to struggle both emotionally and physically while working on myself so much harder than men were ever expected or required at home; some days all wrapped up tight inside until finally …..I made the decision to demand more out of life, that’s the reason why I created the 1 Million Lives Transformed Initiative.  On that day my life was transformed. On this day, it’s the beginning of when your life is getting ready to be transformed. It’s time to transform your career, it’s time to transform your relationship, it’s time to transform your business, it’s time to transform your bank account. I got 3 sons and their favorite toy used to be the transformers. Now my favorite toy is the transformers because I believe that woman has the power to transform their lives.


Her Story Our Story 1 Hour of Power


Women are often left feeling unfulfilled and confused about their purpose.

There is a huge disconnect between what we want to do for our lives and the actions we take towards achieving those goals. We know that this isn’t right, but there’s no easy way to fix it.

Her Story OurStory 1 Hour of Power is an online FREE private group for women who want to overcome the obstacles they face in life so that they can be happier, more fulfilled versions of themselves. It will help you connect with other like-minded women all over the world, share your struggles openly without judgment, receive support from others who have been through similar situations as you have and finally feel empowered enough to change your life by taking action on what matters most to you. Together we can create meaningful changes in our lives!

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I have seen Stephanie grab a room and hold the attention of people on so many different levels, in the same room. Her way of delivering a message shifts people! It is completely powerful to watch. Stephanie always leaves the audience engaged and wanting more. Her life story, deep transparency, kind spirit, and strong strength penetrate the listener. When Stephanie Speaks her smile pierces your soul and hugs you at the same time.

— G.M.B.

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  • Transform: The Survivor Retreat
  • Transform: Amplify your VOICE & BUSINESS 4 Success Workshop or Keynote
  • Transform: Empowerment Women's Leadership Workshop
  • Transform Customer Experience & Increase Employee Satisfaction Talk or Workshop
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