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1 million lives transformed

You don’t know me from a hill of beans but you know my story because it’s like the story of many women. I used to struggle with self-esteem. I used to struggle with confidence. I used to struggle with believing in myself. I used to struggle with believing that I deserved
the most out of life, and out of people, and out of my career, and out of my job. I was in need of a transformation infusion. On that day I made a decision to being the best that I can be. I made the decision to demand more out of life, that’s the reason why I created the 1 Million Lives Transformed Initiative because on that day my life was transformed. On this day, it’s the beginning of when your life is getting ready to be transformed. It’s time to transform your career, it’s time to transform your relationship, it’s time to transform your
business, it’s time to transform your bank account. I got 3 sons and their favorite toy used to be the transformers. Now my favorite toy is the transformers because I believe that woman has the power to transform their lives.


Her Story Our Story 1 Hour of Power

HerStory/OurStory is a free safe Community for women -who are hungry for a TRANSFORMATION. Members are ready for a pivot and are willing to build into other women, while being POURED into by some of the most AMAZING, SMART, POWERFUL, VICTORIOUS, TRIED & TRUE, POWERHOUSES AROUND.  If you are hungry for Real Answers to your questions. YOU are not alone. Join us every Wednesday @ 6:30 PM. Each week you will be provided with strategies for clear solutions to help you to remove your masks to reveal your authentic, AWESOME self. Let’s move to the NEXT LEVEL.

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When I think about Stephanie Wall I think of her as a big sister and a leader I respect greatly. She is much more than that but simplifying in those 2 areas makes it easy for me to gauge our relationship. I heard her speak at an event before I even met her. She was poised and shared her story of how she became a police officer. The presentation was powerful and her story is important to inspire young people. She is an important confidant and everybody should have someone like her to speak to without judgement or criticism. Stephanie offers concern, respect and council. She is also open to receive support and takes other opinions into consideration when she is making moves in life and career. She is a listener on both sides of the conversation. I guess that is her balance as a leader.

— W.F.

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Speaking Topics:

  • Breaking Barriers to Self-Esteem
  • The Power of Accountability/Mindset
  • Blue print to increased wealth
  • How to Motivate Leaders to LEAD post pandemic
  • How to Empower the Youth post pandemic
  • Changed Mind + Changed Actions = Changed Circumstances