Life Coaching Essentials: Are you a Mentor & Motivator

People often don’t realize they need a life coach until it’s too late.

Most people only think about hiring a life coach when they’re in the middle of a crisis. They’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression and feel like they’ve hit a dead end.

What if there was a way to prevent those crises from happening in the first place? What if you could learn how to use life coaching services to achieve your goals before things go wrong? That’s where our Life Coaching Essentials workshop comes in.  You will learn everything you need to know about life coaching to start using it to improve your life right now and the life of your clients.




Start using the training immediately to improve your life right now and the life of your clients.

There are many benefits to enrolling in a life coaching essentials training program. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful life coach. However, there are many other benefits that you may not have considered. For example, by enrolling in a life coaching essentials training program, you will:

-Learn how to communicate with your clients effectively
-Build strong relationships with your clients
-Gain an understanding of different coaching styles and approaches
-Develop your unique coaching style
-Grow your business and attract more clients

Enrolling in a life coaching essentials training program is an investment in your future as a life coach. By taking the time to learn the necessary skills and knowledge, you will be able to provide your clients with the best possible service. This will help you grow your business and attract even more clients. So don’t wait any longer – schedule or join in a life coaching essentials training!


Transform: The Survivor

Women who have been through trauma often feel broken, alone, and ashamed. They are also at higher risk of substance abuse, depression, and suicide.

The Survivor workshop is a revolutionary new program that has been proven to transform the lives of women who have been through trauma by helping them heal from their wounds while building confidence, courage, and connection.

In this two-day retreat, you will learn how to take back control of your life after trauma so you can go on to live a full life filled with joy and meaning again.

Say IT, Believe IT, Do IT!

Learn how to take back your power & Transform the way you feel about yourself, every day

The Survivor workshop is an intense weekend for women who have experienced trauma in their lives. In just two days, participants will learn how they can transform their lives into one filled with happiness and joy instead of pain and suffering. Participants will also leave with tools needed to draw from when they face challenges in the future.

– Learn how to take back your power.
– Heal from trauma and addiction.

– Transform the way you feel about yourself, every day.
– Feel safe, loved, and supported all the time.

Transform: Amplify your VOICE & BUSINESS 4 Success: Say IT, Believe IT, & Do IT!

The world is changing. As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we are constantly being asked to speak in public. But most of us haven’t been taught how to do it well, or at all!

It’s scary. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate already – running the show isn’t easy. So when you’re faced with that call to speak publicly, it can be hard not to panic (and say no).

That’s why Speaker Stephanie created this workshop – she wants more people like you who want their voice heard by millions of people each week… but also don’t want to have a heart attack while doing so! This workshop will help you become an amazing speaker AND make sure your message gets out there loud and clear so you can grow your business even faster than before!

You'll learn how to grow your business and earn more money

Fear of public speaking is the number 1 fear and people who struggle with this are often passed over for promotions or opportunities because they’re afraid of being judged by their peers.

This course will take you from zero experience all the way through getting paid $$ per speech. You’ll learn how to master your mindset around public speaking, develop a plan that works for you, craft powerful messages that resonate with your audience, create memorable presentations, and much more!

– You’ll be able to make an impact on the world.
– You’ll learn how to grow your business and earn more money.
– You will be more confident in the: Boardroom, Classroom, Courtroom, heck ANY ROOM!
– Learn your style of learning, and teaching

Transform: Empowerment Women's Leadership Workshop

The workshop was designed to help women identify areas of their lives where they feel limited, and develop strategies for overcoming the challenges. The Gallup Studies have shown that oftentimes this focus on weaknesses can hold women back from progressing in their career or finding fulfillment at home with family life.

In this training, the goal is nothing less than BOLD empowerment! When participants enter into this BOLD empower-yourself journey – each one will leave feeling confident about themselves as an individual leader ready to take charge of her/his own future by embracing themselves fully.”

Gain the confidence to pursue your goals.

The  Empowerment Women’s Leadership Workshop” has been designed to address the areas which women find most challenging, and it will be tailored for you. It includes self-awareness training using time as a stepping stone; committed focused discipline that helps them own their creativity so they can grow in all aspects of life including work/life balance!

– Gain the confidence to pursue your goals.
– Learn strategies for success.
– Discover how you can be your best self.

Transform Customer Experience & Increase Employee Satisfaction Talk or Workshop

Companies are aware that they need to transform their business model in order to survive, but what is the best way?  The staff/employees are the business, the structure or location is NOT.  More customers leave, because of poor customer service than any other reason.

The new norm for customer service and employee satisfaction involves automation. Customer service is no longer solely a human-to-human interaction.  And employees are not happy with this situation either. They feel like they’re losing control of their jobs and being replaced by robots, which can be more efficient than humans at many tasks.

Our company has figured out and can teach you how to increase employee satisfaction, and be a WINNER with Customer Service; by implementing automation into our business without sacrificing quality or efficiency, so we’ve created a solution that allows us all to win!  This will all staff, owners, organizations leaders spend more time doing what they love and/or need to do to move their organizations forward!

Reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and build a more engaged team

Picture this: You’re a customer, and you’ve just had a terrible experience with a company. The frustration is building up inside of you, and you don’t know who to talk to or what to do. But then, out of the blue, an employee comes up to you, or follows up with a genuine smile on their face and offers to help. They listen patiently as you rant and rave until finally, you feel heard.

That’s the power of good customer service, can turn a negative experience into a positive one, and it can make customers happy – which is why we offer our Customer Service & Increase Employee Satisfaction Talk or Workshop. Our expert trainers will give your employees the skills & tools that they need to provide top-notch customer service.  In this world of automation, we have the ability to make a person feel more connected and reduce the dreaded client/customer falling between the cracks.


  • Provide the kind of customer service that ensures everyone feels heard, seen, and cared for in every interaction
  • Transform your company culture through personalized customer service
  • Implement simple automation without sacrificing quality or efficiency
  • Spend more time doing what we love at WORK!


When I think about Stephanie Wall, I think of her as a big sister and a leader that I respect greatly. She is much more than that- but simplifying in those 2 areas makes it easy for me to gauge our relationship. I heard her speak at an event before I even met her. She was poised and shared her story of how she became a police officer. The presentation was powerful and her story is important to inspire young people. She is an important confidant and everybody should have someone like her to speak to without judgment or criticism. Stephanie offers concern, respect, and council. She is also open to receiving support and takes other opinions into consideration when she is making moves in life and her career. She is a listener on both sides of the conversation. I guess that is her balance as a leader.

— W.F.


Speaking Topics:

  • Transform: Breaking Barriers To Success Workshop or Keynote
  • Transform: The Survivor Retreat
  • Transform: Amplify your VOICE & BUSINESS 4 Success Workshop or Keynote
  • Transform: Empowerment Women's Leadership Workshop
  • Transform Customer Experience & Increase Employee Satisfaction Talk or Workshop
  • Transform: How to Use Your Voice to Grow Any Business